Things You Need To Know About Hajj And Umrah Scams


Hajj fraud scams are very common in today’s world. Recently, some guests are invited which have been the victim of Umrah packages scam. They said that the fraud companies have stolen their dreams, which is bigger loss than money.

The TV show was conducted in Rondebosch East on a local TV channel. One of victims, Anwar Mohan has said that in Decemeber 2014, he was fully prepared to do Umrah along with his family. Lot of people have greated us, and we really get lot of embarrsement when there is no one of the hired travel agency.

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He further said that his family soon realized that something is not right. I just want to know where my money was gone. Director of the Gairoonisa Foundation, Stakla has said that we have seen lot of such cases in 2013.

Anwar Mohan further said that he can’t belive people make scams in Hajj and Umrah. Most people spend their savings and waited for years to make their dreams come true. I just want to say to the culprits that if they believe that they are innocent then they must face us like real men.

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Stakal said that fraud claims that his foundation will continue to advertise their Umrah and Hajj services in order to get visa.  CEO of a local TV, Faizal Sayed said that TV is playing an important role in warning people about such frauds.

He further said that when we invited Stakal for the TV show, he demanded R150k, but the channel declined to pay the amount.


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