How Smart Phone Apps Have Changed The Total Perspective Of Hajj?


Smart apps presence:

Different apps like Snapchat and instagram help us to capture the important events like that of Arafat.  All these latest technologies have helped a lot to connect with one another. But it is a fact that selfies and video calls have reduced the true objectives of Hajj.

Thomas Cook was the first company to launch Hajj and Umrah packages in 1880, this trend continue to grow and now about 2.3 million pilgrims have done Hajj this year. Technology has helped the people to stay connected with their families back home.

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Wearable bracelets:


Saudi Government has issued wearable bracelets that store all of the information about the person who wears it. For instance, one of your relatives hasn’t reached Muzdalifah, and then you can get their exact location.

If there’s an elderly person in your group then it will be much beneficial. This is a great improvement over the past decade. The most important app that is used by most of pilgrims is the “Hajj App by Arab News”.


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Snapchat’s story on Mecca live has changed the concept of Islam in foreign countries. Different portals have been created by Hajj officials to inform people. Most Islamic scholars believe that when we don’t take selfies during Namaz then how we could take during Hajj.

If you constantly talk on the phone in Kaaba, then it might be possible that it is teasing other pilgrims. Is it possible that pilgrims use technology is such a way that it does not affect the entire Hajj?


Final words:

No doubt, you have to rely on latest technology to get connected with people. There’s no option for you, otherwise you may left behind. The major objective of the Hajj is to concentrate on the rituals of Hajj and Umrah.


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