Hajj: A Reflection Of Black Muslims Struggle

Hajj A Reflection Of Black Muslim Struggle

Black Muslims:

54 years have been passed since Malcom X has started his journey from United States of America to Saudi Arabia. About 1.7 Million Muslims have come to Mecca to perform Hajj including Black Muslims. Also, millions of Muslims come to the Holy city of mecca utilizing their Umrah packages.

The Black People have been struggling for their rights for about five decades. According to the recent survey in 2014, about 28% of the Muslim population is black. It has also seen that the Asian and white people have grown as compared to blacks.

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There was a time when American Muslims are considered to be Black Muslims. But this thinking has been changed when the immigrants from South Asia started outnumbering Black Muslims in most countries.


Hakeem Muhammad:

Famous Islamic thinker, Hakeem Muhammad believed that U.S media has changed the concept of Black American Muslims. He says that: “Mostly Asian and Arab people are being depicted by Media as Muslims, not the Black ones”.

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Samory Rashid:

Samory Rashid, who is a professor at Indiana State University, said that: “I use the “Black Muslims” to make it clear that I’m not a follower of typical American Muslim establishment. I’m rather a part of Independent Islam like that of Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Safiya Bukhari and Malcolm X.

Most people belief that the supremacy of the Black Muslims was addressed by the older generation of Muslim founder Elijah Muhammad. Muslim leader Dibba commented that: “You can practice Islam by following any culture. It does not necessary require for you to be part of certain race, culture to be a perfect Muslim”.

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Most Muslims believe that there’s a layer of racism among the Muslims. A Muslim author Qasim Rashid said that: “It is very sad that racism is prevailing among the Muslims. It is also a fact that White, Asians and Arab Muslims are dominating the Black ones.”

The annual pilgrimage Hajj reminds all of us that Islam believes in equal rights for everyone. Rashid told media that: “Now it is a time of unity for all of Muslims to stop the cancer that is spreading in our society. We have to find new ways to stop that hatred”.



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